If you also use Facebook and Telegram apps on the same phone, there is a piece of big news for you. Data of about 42 crores Facebook users has been leaked and this data is being sold through online platforms. The biggest thing is that this data of Facebook users has been through the bot of the Telegram app.

Mobile number sale for Rs 1,400

According to the report, the mobile number linked to the Facebook account out of the leaked data is being sold at Rs 1,400. Other data has also been priced in the same way. The report claims that this data has been done through Telegram bots.

Data accessed by hackers in 2019

According to vice media reports, the data leak includes information about users whose accounts were leaked two years ago in 2019. Let’s say that in 2019, a researcher identified an unsecured server of Facebook in which data of about 42 crore users was stored. It is claimed that this data leak has data of 61 lakh Indian users.

What did Facebook say?

After the report surfaced, Facebook has said that the bot does not work on accounts that have been created after 2019. Simply put, this leak includes accounts of those whose accounts are before 2019. Facebook says this hacking can be accessed through telegram accounts created before 2019.

For your information, let’s say that bot is a kind of software that does the work already decided again and again. The bot works through the Internet. The most common use of bots is to make something viral, re-tweet, etc. on social media like movie promotion, etc. Bots often do repetitive work frequently.