5 Crypto Projects Recommended by Specialists

It’s no secret that thousands or even millions of people from across the globe are interested in cryptocurrencies. This business is very prospective and profitable. Numerous cases have already proved the high rate of income. The only thing you need to do is to define which project can bring you money. To do that, you should possess the right data. Therefore, find a reliable platform that provides you with the necessary facts.

Thus, you may use relevant data offered on chainboker.io. This reliable platform provides online users with the latest news and recommendations in the Bitcoin industry. Go to https://chainbroker.io/projects/ to figure out what exactly it offers. Right now, we would like to pay your attention to 5 crypto projects that can sufficiently enhance your current income. Therefore, be attentive and don’t miss vital facts.

Scotty Beam

We will begin with a project called Scotty Beam. It is one of the best and most profitable on-chain platforms on the Web. It creates special stations for every blockchain. The platform has a team of marketers and offers an in-depth analysis of the market. Thanks to the news it offers, every businessman can invest wisely.

The platform offers easy exchange of tokens on fair terms. You can transfer your NTF to various platforms and collaborate with the most reliable services. It is possible to verify the price, prove your ownership, establish partnerships, and enjoy the best prices. Anyone can create blockchains in one click only! Just connect your wallet and begin to earn.

Meta Spatial

The second option is a video game that enables earning money. You can fight against other players in single and team modes, as well as test yourself against artificial intelligence. All the actions take place in space, and you can move to other locations via a special portal.

There is also a non-crypto option. However, it won’t allow for earning money. Everything is up to you.


The third project on our list is known as Polygen. It utilizes launchpad technology, which is popular throughout the globe. However, this platform has improved this technology, and now it is free of governmental control. You are free to take whatever activities you need to earn money. You won’t face any limits!

This platform offers more room for experiment. Among the common and pleasant dividends offered by Poloygen are:

● 100% customization;

● Fair access and prices;

● Tokens aimed at events and earning;

● 24/7 support and care;

● Help with investments;

● Various projects related to Bitcoins;

● Flexible integration;

● Full decentralization;

● Freedom from gatekeepers.

Mines of Dalarnia

We also recommend trying a game called “Mines of Dalarnia”. As you have already understood from its name, you will deal with mining. When you mine, you can find unique relics and artifacts. They help to strengthen your hero and thus overcome all the rivals. Accordingly, you earn tokens that can be turned into any currency you like. Mind that this game is 100% decentralized!

The Monopolist

Do you know the popular game Monopolist? Today, it has moved on to the digital format and can be played online. The main difference of this version from its ancestor is the possibility to win real money that comes in Bitcoins. As for the rest, it remains the same.

It is all about the things you already know. You should invest in buying land, build properties, and compile fees. If you are lucky with rolling the dice and using finance wits, you will surely win. Do your best to overcome all the rivals. Thus, you will become a monopolist with a lot of money.

The Bottom Line

Each of the 5 projects deals with crypto and can bring you a lot of money. You only should review all the projects in detail to understand which one is more profitable and suits your skills. Thus, you will surely get as much money as possible.

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