9 Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, have been blacklisted in the USA


The Donald Trump administration has taken a big decision against China on the last day of his tenure. Trump has blacklisted a total of 9 Chinese companies, including Xiaomi. These companies have been charged with collusion with the Chinese army. The Trump administration has highlighted the People’s Republic of China’s military-civil fusion development strategy prominently, which is making the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) modern. This will meet the need for advanced technology and development.

These companies have been banned

The name of Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi and oil-producing company Cnooc comes prominently in the companies that have been banned from the Trump administration. Most of the companies in black-listed companies are associated with the aviation, aerospace, telecommunications, construction sector. The blacklisted companies on behalf of the Trump administration would not be able to invest in the US. At the same time, these companies will have to reduce their earlier investment by 11th November 2021. In addition, the state and planemaker are the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Limited. Companies like Huawei and ZTE linked to the telecom sector have already been banned on behalf of the Trump administration. The government has labeled the Xiaomi company as a communist Chinese military company.

The Chinese plane manufacturing company manufactures a fine plane with a narrow body. It is believed to be from the US plane manufacturer Boeing and Airbus. Xiaomi’s direct competition has left the American famous company Apple Inc. behind. According to news agency Bloomberg, the Chinese Cnooc company searches for oil in the deep sea. Earlier on January 6, 9 apps like WeChat Pay, Alipay were banned by passing executive orders on behalf of the Trump administration. Earlier, the Trump administration has included cam scanners, QQ wallets, SHAREit, Tencent QQ, VMate, WeChat Pay, and WPS office.

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