As the name suggests, All in One Computer contains all the internal hardware components like CPU and Monitor into one case in the Monitor. In the 1980s Apple Macintosh was a good example of All in one computer. Apple also popularized All in one computer by launching the iMac in the late 1990s. All in One computer contains CPU and Monitor in one case i.e. Monitor, and we have to use Keyboard and Mouse additionally. All in one computer also have the feature of screen touch and some are non-screen touch. The big companies like Apple, Dell, HP, ASUS build All in one computer.

The screen of All in One computer normally comes in big sizes like 21 inches to 27 inches. They come with a keyboard and a mouse. All in one computer are also called All in one desktop. When iMac was launched in 1998, the All in one computer with bulky and expensive but with time they have become slimmer, cheaper, and lighter.

Advantages and Disadvantages of All in One Computer:


  • Takes Less Space
  • Touch Screen
  • Bigger Screen with High Resolution
  • Consumes Less Power
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Less Cable Wires
  • Easy to move


  • AIO PC Cost
  • Unavailability of parts
  • Specification
  • Repairing Issues
  • Upgradation
  • Not Suitable for Gaming

Advantages of All in One PC:

Takes Less Space:

All in one PC contains the external hardware components like CPU and Monitor into one case i.e. Monitor. It takes very little space compared to the Desktop. the AIO Pc is slimmer and you can use it anywhere.

What is All in One PC

Touch Screen:

The All in One PC also offers the touchscreen feature which adds more compatibility to it rather than using standard desktop systems.

Bigger Screen with High Resolution:

The screen of All in One computer normally comes in big size like 21 inches to 27 inches. Some people prefer to use a big screen, especially those who use the AIO PC to code and watch movies and videos. the screen resolution of All in one computer is generally very high.

Consumes Less Power:

All-in-one PC uses very little power as compared to standard desktops. the AIO PC is the most efficient PC available right now. All the external hardware components are in one case so it needs the power in just into the Monitor.

Wireless connectivity:

Wireless connectivity is a great feature in all in one computers like laptops. Unlike Desktop computers, it doesn’t require USB cables to connect with the Internet. You can also connect your Bluetooth device with the wireless Bluetooth option. AIO PC comes with inbuilt Bluetooth and WiFi features.

Fewer Cable Wires:

AIO PC is a very slimmer and compact product and it doesn’t require many cable wires to run.

Easy to move:

It is now very easy to understand that AIO PC doesn’t take much space and it is very slimmer and light-weighted. It contains CPU and Monitor in one case so it is very easier to move since it doesn’t take much space and is very lightweight.

Disadvantages of All in One Computer:

AIO PC Cost:

If we compare AIO PC with traditional desktop systems then it is costlier than it. If we invest the same amount as the AIO PC price we can build a much more powerful desktop system with greater features and components. The repairing charges are also too costly.

Unavailability of parts:

If we get some issues with AIO PC hardware parts then it is very difficult to get the part in the market. The AIO PC parts availability in the market is very tough to get.

What is All in One PC


You will have to compromise with the specifications you are going to get in the AIO PC as compared to the traditional PC at the same price you are going to invest in AIO PC.

Repairing Issues:

As we have told you earlier the parts of AIO PC are tough to get in the market so you will have a tough time if you want to repair your All in One Computer. The repairing process of AIO PC is very difficult as it is very slim and compact, you need an expert to get it repaired.


The Upgradation options in All in one PC are very limited, to be honest, you can only upgrade RAM or you can replace the hard drive. The other components can not be upgraded.

Not Suitable for Gaming:

The All in one PC is not suitable for high-end gaming but you can play low and moderate games on AIO PC. the high-end gaming requires high-quality processors, high storage capacity, and high RAM capacity.


Everything has some good and some bad parts of it, All in One PC is also not different. With All in One Computer, you get a compact lightweight PC that takes very little space. AIO PC provides great visuals to the users. it also has some bad sides like up-gradation, repair issues and cost. All in one computer are surely a good product to buy if you have less space if you want a big screen with high resolution. many companies and commercial places have started using All in One computer in their workplaces instead of standard desktops. It is always good to know the advantages and disadvantages of any product before buying it.

Let me know what do you think in the comments section and also if you have any questions regarding all in one PC free to ask.