Apple to make iPhone tracking more difficult, app has to take permission from user to track phone

Apple has prepared to make tracking of iPhone more difficult. The company can bring new privacy control in this direction by March-April. This privacy control was ready to be brought last year, but after all-round pressure, the company had deferred it. In fact, many digital service apps, including Facebook, track the user for advertising. After the introduction of the new privacy control, it will be mandatory for the user to take permission from the user to track the phone to any app. There is also a virtual war between Apple and Facebook over the new privacy control. Last month, Facebook criticized the move by advertising in several newspapers, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal.

The clash between Apple and Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has described Apple as the biggest competitor after the privacy control discussion resumed. “Apple is claiming that the new policy is helping people,” he said. It is not so. This is clearly an attempt to reduce the possibilities for other competitors. Google, which relies on user data for advertising, has not openly supported Facebook’s front against Apple. However, in its blog a day earlier, the company had said that Apple’s new control could adversely affect its advertising revenue. Some of its apps that run on the iPhone will be affected.

iMessage is the most used messaging service

“iMessage is their own,” Zuckerberg said. It is installed on every iPhone and is given a preference. That is why the iMessage in the US is the most used messaging service. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also targeted Apple’s move, saying, “We are looking for a way to address the concerns of small businesses that are affected by Apple’s new feature.

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