Dogecoin is the world’s largest and most popular meme cryptocurrency. Its popularity is no longer limited to investors. This cryptocurrency is also becoming popular in donations coming to the American Cancer Society. ACS has said that whatever donations come to the institution, a lot of people donate to dogecoin. The American Cancer Society is a well-known health institution in the UNITED STATES. It started accepting donations as dogecoin in May last year.

The American Cancer Society is primarily working to eliminate cancer. Society has revealed that among the donations that come to cryptocurrencies in the organization, dogecoin is the third most popular cryptocurrency. That is, whatever donation comes to cryptocurrencies, the donation in dogecoin is the third highest, in which people donate the most. The organization said that 4 percent of the total donations received are from dogecoin.

ACS is the largest non-governmental health organization in the United States that provides funds for cancer-related research. In May 2021, the organization started taking dogecoin donations. This organization takes donations to cryptocurrencies through the giving block, a popular cryptocurrency donation solution. The name of Shiba Inu is also included in the donations that come in the meme cryptocurrency.

Last year, the organization launched the Cancer Crypto Fund campaign, which had set a target of raising a fund of $1 million to use it for advanced research on cancer. The organization had completed that goal earlier this year. The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 by American businessmen and physicians. The purpose behind making it was to educate doctors, patients and their family members about cancer.