The unlimited storage of Google’s photo gallery app Google Photos expires from June 1. It was announced by the company only in November last year that it was going to stop unlimited storage available with Google Photos. This means that users who want more than 15 GB of storage available with Gmail account will have to buy storage separately. So far, users in Google Photos can upload unlimited photos in high quality.

You don’t have to worry if some of the 15 GB storage you get with Gmail is empty. The company will notify you through notification as soon as your 15 GB storage starts to full. If you need more than 15 GB of storage available with the account, you will have to buy Google One storage. The simple thing is that you now have to manage Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail from the 15GB storage you get with Gmail.

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You can also clear the storage of your Google Photos before June 1. Download the Google One app to delete unwanted photos and videos in Google Photos and log in from the same account that is running an account with Google Photos. Then click the Storage tab in the Google One app and then click Free up Account Storage. You will then get a variety of options to clear the storage.

Buy storage from Google One

If the 15 GB storage available with Gmail is full, you have to buy the storage. The initial price of the Google One plan is Rs 130 per month. At this price, you will get 100GB storage, and if you want 200GB storage, you will have to spend Rs 210 per month. 2TB storage costs Rs 650. If you buy a plan annually, you will get options of Rs. 1,300, Rs. 2,100 and Rs. 6,500.