Horizon Worlds ready to launch web version of Metaverse platform

Facebook’s company Meta is working on a web version of its Horizon Worlds social metaverse platform. This will expand the scope of this platform as it runs only with the Quest VR headsets right now. This will make this virtual experience accessible to more people, but there is criticism of Meta’s plan to take 47.5 percent share from the transactions associated with it.

Meta’s CTO Andrew Boz revealed plans to bring out a web version of Horizon Worlds via a tweet. He said that For the web version, Meta has decided to charge a 25 percent commission. This is much lower than the 47.5 percent commission charged from those selling items to users who access Horizon Worlds through the Quest VR headset. No further information has been provided about the web version of Horizon Worlds. By the end of this year, it can be brought to mobile phones and later game consoles.

Boz favored a higher rate of commission, saying other platforms, including Roblox and YouTube, charge similar commissions. He clarified that the 47.5 percent commission is the total charge charged by Meta from the creators. However, the commission on direct purchases through the Horizon platform will be 25 percent. He said it was still early and there was a lot of work to be done. Meta recently announced that those selling digital assets through Horizon Worlds will be charged a 47.5 percent commission. Meta’s decision was criticized as so far she has been against Apple’s decision to charge a 30 percent commission for purchases on the App Store.

Apart from this, Meta has also planned to launch digital tokens. It is being called ‘Zuck Bucks’ after the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg has described e-commerce and financial tools as important for his vision of metaverses that give a real-world experience. Meta is considering bringing in digital tokens like tokens used for transactions in video games. In many popular games, tokens are used for transactions.

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