Most of us often use virtual private network (VPN) service on our laptops or smartphones. But cybercriminals are also willing to take advantage of it, and that is why the service can now be discontinued in India. The Standing Committee of Parliament attached to the Ministry of Home Affairs has recommended to the Central Government to discontinue VPN service as it threatens to increase cybercrime.

According to reports, cybercriminals live online in secret through VPNs, making it difficult to locate their location. Keeping this in mind, it has been recommended by the Parliamentary Committee that a mechanism should be adopted with the help of international agencies so that these VPN services can be completely banned. There is no date fixed at the moment but after the recommendation, it can be assumed that the government may take any steps in this direction soon.

What is VPN?

VPN is a service through which a user can link with a public internet connection through his private network. Through VPN you can connect your smartphone or laptop to another VPN server. In the meantime, when you do some searches, it looks at your visited sites just like your phone or laptop server.

The risk of this service is that you don’t come with your own IP address but enter the network through VPN servers. This makes it difficult to locate your location and you can change the location.

What will be the effect of banning?

Most companies went into work from home mode during the Corona period and employees are sitting at home working for the company. In this case, the worker sitting at home is constantly connected to the company’s VPM server during work and this service makes his job easier. That’s why the use of VPNs has increased significantly this year and the first half of 2021 saw a 600 percent increase compared to last year.
Companies share their sensitive data with their employees through VPN services. In such a situation, the corona period has helped the companies a lot of VPNs. However, cybercrime also carries out illegal activities through the same service. There have also been cases of hacking and cybercrime. Now that tax VPNs are closed, it can curb cybercrime as well as harm companies.