Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently called Bitcoin a ‘climate crisis’ and talked about how the upcoming technology should focus on low consumption of electricity. Intel is also working on a crypto mining chip. About this, Gelsinger said that it will be “energy-efficient”. It is claimed that through this chip, the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment can be reduced by reducing energy demands. The Intel CEO was talking to Bloomberg. During this time, he revealed about making a new chip.

Gelsinger said that to do well, we have to make technology a strength. Intel is about to bring a blockchain chip, which is excellent in terms of power performance. This will help solve issues related to the climate.

Cryptocurrencies are not yet regulated, but in the future, they may prove useful for fulfilling many purposes. The biggest concern about cryptocurrency is to prepare its mining i.e. cryptocurrency. It consumes a lot of electricity and there is carbon emission. It has a serious impact on the environment.

He said that a single ledger of Bitcoin consumes so much electricity, in which a home’s one day’s electricity needs will be met. It’s a climate crisis. … If we produce a technology that consumes so much energy, that’s not okay.

It is worth mentioning that the impact of crypto mining on the environment has emerged as an important issue all over the world.

Last year, when China banned crypto activities, Tesla chief Elon Musk said the southern parts of China were facing a severe power crisis. At one time, China had the most cricket miners in the world.

A research report last year claimed that between January 1, 2016, and June 30, 2018, about 13 million metric tons of carbon dioxide were released from the mining of four major cryptocurrencies.

In recent times, Iran, the Irkutsk region of eastern Russia, Kosovo, and the city of Svaneti in Georgia have taken important steps due to crypto mining. Crypto mining was being done on a large scale here, due to which there was a serious power crisis in the areas. In the city of Svaneti, Georgia, people were given a solemn oath that people would not participate in crypto mining.