VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network. VPN service is essential for privacy from a common user to a small or big business. For example, if you use VPN, it is almost impossible for hackers, telecom providers, or any third-party agency to know what you’re doing on the Internet. From your identity to social media and bank accounts, they are safe.

VPN has many other advantages. For example, if a website is banned by a telecom company, it can be accessed. In India, on OTT you can easily view content from other countries.

Another example can be understood. If you’re using Netflix in India, you can also see the content of American Netflix. We’ll tell you about its benefits further.

According to the report, the government may soon ban VPNs in India. The report comes after a meeting of the recent Parliamentary Standing Committee. The committee has said that the Government of India should ban VPNs from the country.

The argument behind this is that using VPN could pose a threat to the country. The committee said cybercriminals could take advantage of it. It also says that VPN services are easily available in the country.

The Parliamentary Committee has asked the Home Ministry to ban VPNs from India forever. According to a media report, the committee has advised the Home Ministry to block VPNs across the country in consultation with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Internet Service Providers.

As we have mentioned many benefits of VPN above. Users can avoid cyber crimes by using VPN. For example, if you’re using the Internet by connecting to WiFi, hackers can know to a great extent what you’re doing through the sniffing tool.

If you don’t use VPN, there are soft targets for hackers. Because it’s easy for them to hack your communication. Especially in the office, at the airport, or in any public WiFi if you connect without a VPN, it’s more expected that your social media account has been hacked.

In addition to all this, you can avoid spying on private companies or the government by using VPNs. Apart from users, it is also very important for companies. Because if the communication of companies is caught by a cybercriminal, they can suffer a big loss.

However, nothing has been said by the government so far about the VPN ban. It is expected that a statement on this should be issued by the government in the near future. Tools like Whatleaks help the user for testing the VPN security.