In the past year and amid that long, boring lockdown, the popularity of anime in the world skyrocketed than it was before. The anime fans community gained a lot of new members and more people started acknowledging and appreciating it. However humans always find something to argue over, and the anime community fights over the English dub of their favorite anime shows, originally produced in the Japanese language. However we are not here to argue over that, we are here to discuss how can one watch your favorite anime show in English dub on Kuroani with minimal hassle.

What is Kuroani?

Kuroani is an anime-only website that has almost all anime, including the popular and even the nonpopular ones available for streaming anime, but in English dubbed. It offers anime from all times, from the latest trending ones (obviously those which have been dubbed by the English voice actors) to the legendary old school titles. Every popular anime that has been dubbed in the English language is available on the Kuroani website.

It is a website that charges nothing and is totally safe to access. Many of the anime fans aren’t comfortable with looking and subtitles and paying attention to what’s going on the screen simultaneously so it’s only obvious they’d prefer watching the English dubbed version of whatever anime they want to watch.

Kuroani has made this possible and saying that it’s a blessing for anime fans that prefer watching English dubs wouldn’t be a wrong thing to say.

Is Kuroani legal?

Well to be completely honest, the only legal anime streaming service providers at the moment are Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Animelab out of which, Netflix is the only one that is the most affordable. However not all anime are available on it and the dubbed versions are even harder to find. As for the rest two, either their subscription prices are high or they aren’t available in many country’s regions, and again the dubbed versions of many anime are comparably a lot harder to find. As bitter it might seem for the truth to be, it stays true that piracy has made anime popular and acquire the acknowledgment it has today. Even kissanime, the biggest anime website till date which unfortunately got shut down last year had most of its content from pirated sources.

After the shut down of kissanime, dubbed anime are like a rare thing. It’s only obvious that any website making dubbed anime available for us isn’t legal. As far as the users’ privacy and safety while accessing the website is concerned, it shouldn’t be worried about as accessing Kuroani doesn’t require any specific permissions. Some ads can be a bit bothering sometimes though.

Kuroani is a great website that makes it easy to find dubbed anime shows easily available for us to access and enjoy. It isn’t legal and it’s contents are pirated, but imagine paying for a subscription-only to later realize that your favorite anime show isn’t available in English dub or even in original Japanese audio just because of your region. Kuroani is a great website with beautiful yet simple UI and the list of anime shows it has to offer is huge, and it offers the option of streaming shows in high quality as well.


The creators of anime shows put a lot of effort to bring unique and entertaining content. Besides, they spend a huge amount of money on the resources to develop artistic content. The free distribution of such contents is unethical and unlawful as the original creator gets nothing for their contents. And hence, it is illegal to access and utilize any such website that offers free content and promote piracy.

We highly discourage users from using any website that acquires content through unlawful mediums. Being a responsible citizen, we do not recommend any piracy-related activity.

Disclaimer: Crunchoid does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Laws. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.