Kendall Jenner is a former beauty pageant winner, model, and actress who now are an entrepreneur. She is one half of the famous Kardashian clan with her younger half, Kimye. She was born in Southern California and she is now married to the former rapper Trace Ayala. This is a biography on a woman who has had a stunning career in television and movies.

Biography: Kendall is an American professional television personality and reality star who have a net worth of approximately 45 million. She is most well known for her starring role in the popular reality show “Making The Band” along with her sister, Kimye. In her short career she has also worked in films and been a guest star on several television shows. She has also appeared in several music videos throughout her career. She has won multiple awards for her work as an actress and model and has been nominated three times for titles such as “Miss Universe”, “Star Breakout” and “TV Choice Awards”.

Work: Recently Kendall has had a string of well-documented off-screen romances which have included actors such as Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, and Jamie Fox all of whom she has dated over the last few years. Recently it was reported by Us magazine that she is in talks for a role in the upcoming X-Men movie X-Men: The New Breed. Although the role remains unconfirmed, it would be good news for her fans as it means she would not have to work through the traditional audition process as many actresses and male actors do.

Recent photos have been circulating which indicate that the former teen heartthrob is enjoying herself on the beach in Mexico whilst working on her new series for TLC. Recently it was suggested that she is due to receive an eight million dollar paycheck for the one-hour special episode of her Fiyafiyar OVA which will air on SBS in Australia and the USA. Other reports suggest that she will receive a further five million for the second installment of her infamous. These reports are however unconfirmed but if these reports are true then this could mean great money for the blonde beauty who is just entering her second year in Hollywood.

Work: Last year when she was in the midst of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast she decided to take a break from her role as Michelangelo in order to spend some time in Mexico. It is understood that she was shopping around for a private villa in Acapulco with her mother and spent some time with her family on the beach. This would seem to be a fairly normal thing to do and it could even be a simple vacation for her, however since it is Kourtney Kardashian we are talking about the mother of two at the age of 22. She is working hard to ensure that she reaches the highest level in her career and as long as she continues to work like this there is no reason why she can’t work her way to the top of the Celebrity World. She is also a part of the 50 most popular women on the internet.

Fashion: Since her marriage to Bruce Jenner she has had very little chance to be involved with fashion but since taking a break from her husband’s profession she has been spotted wearing some really cool attire. The most popular being a denim skirt and blouse paired with a rather large and impressive silver bangle. Other pieces of clothing she has been seen wearing include a pair of Christian Louboutin boots and a rather unique-looking piece of headwear. This all looks very nice and it would look good on anyone, but as we all know things get bigger than life so if you are going to wear something a bit more outrageous then do us all a favour and wear something conservative. One thing we can be sure of though is that whatever the size of Kendall Jenner’s thighs she will not be left out by the clothes manufacturers as her brand is one of the biggest selling in the world.