The giant search engine will introduce a new security update in Google Drive to make file-sharing services more secure for Google users. Before the change, Google has issued a warning that updates to the system may change links to Drive some files. This will mean that the link to files shared by users with their friends, family members, or colleagues will no longer work.

Drive users may need to send new sharing links to such files after the update. Some users may need file access permission from the host. However, Google notes that “access to these files will not change for those who have already viewed them”.

The new drive security update will be implemented on September 13 this year. Google has also shared a link that allows you to see if there is a file in your drive account that is getting a new share link.

How to check if any of your files have been affected?

Google Drive users can go to drive links ( from browsers or devices where they have signed in from their Google Drive account and will see if any of their files are affected by the new change.

If any of your files are affected, you can remove this security update from the bus drive| However, Google recommends that you do not delete the update and “should be considered only for files that are posted publicly”.

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