Google may not have launched its latest Pixel smartphones in India, but the company has recently launched its earbuds in India. Pixel Buds A company’s budget segment earbuds. They are priced at about Rs. 10,000 in India.

In this review of Pixel Buds A, we will know how these earbuds perform and how it will be for you if you buy them. Pixel Buds A has a different design than the second average earbuds available in the market. The case with earbuds is egg-shaped and a pairing button is placed at the back.

The company has launched the White variant in India, so obviously, We have reviewed the same variant. The look and feel of the case are premium, but gradually it may have scratch problems.

When it comes to earbuds, they are light and fit easily in the ears. Earbuds look quite comfortable in the ears. The good thing is that you can walk and run comfortably wearing it. Their chances of falling are very low. This is because these buds have a rubber hook added so that the ears fit well. However, it would have been better if these hooks were movable.

Pixel Buds A you can connect to Android and iPhone. You can also connect it to a laptop or watch. Connectivity is easy and pairing doesn’t take much time. You can also connect it to the device through the pop-up window. When it comes to coverage, you can walk anywhere in a mid-size room and won’t drop connectivity. Connectivity starts dropping after exiting and 10-20 meters.

Pixel Buds A

Speaking of audio quality, it features 12mm drivers. You can understand the driver as a small loudspeaker given in earphones. Better driver i.e. better audio. If you like the base more, you may find earbuds with a better base in the market at this price. Although you can enable the Bass Boost option from settings, this will slightly improve the base. You won’t have any complaints in terms of clarity. The adaptive sound feature in it adjusts the volume according to your surroundings. It’s a fantastic feature and quite useful. For example, when you’re going from room to room or different surroundings, these earbuds adjust the volume.

As far as control is concerned, you can tap earbuds and next. Gesture controls are not provided. That means you can’t forward or back by swiping on earbuds. You can’t even do more or less audio through earbuds. Google Assistant has a feature inbuilt that you can activate by calling it Hey Google. This feature works with Android, but it doesn’t work with iPhone.

We didn’t have any problems even during calling and the given speakers do a great job. There is clarity in the voice and the one you are talking to also hears your voice with clarity. Max Volume is followed by problems with many earbuds becoming too loud. But that’s not the case with them. To this extent, loud earbuds will not be too harmful to your ears.

You can also control these earbuds from the app, but there are not many options for EQ. There is AAC Codec support, but there is a lack of streaming AptX. Active noise cancellation is not provided in Google Pixel Buds A. However, these earbuds have many features that work just like active noise cancellation.

According to Google, the spatial vents given in these earbuds have been amplified so that the outside voice is reduced to the ears.

Personally, I think it’s better than active noise cancellation. Because in active noise cancellation, the surrounding sound stops coming completely, but that’s not the case in Pixel Buds A. With these buds, if the noise around it increases, you will hear a sound, but in normal conditions, the noise outside will be heard less.

Pixel Buds A has got IPX4 water resistance rating that makes it splash-proof. That is, you can wear it and sweat it in the gym. In the case of these earbuds, wireless charging is not supported. To charge it, you have to depend on USB Type C. You can run earbuds for up to 20 hours by fully charging the case.

Earbuds Once fully charged you can run it continuously for about 4.5 hours. The battery drain is also quicker as the ambient noise and bass boost are continuously running.


Pixel Buds A is good-looking and comfortable earbuds. Overall audio quality is also good. Earbuds lack touch control. Wireless charging is not available. The battery backup is decent it should have been better. These are certainly great earbuds for pixel fans, but if you mean only better audio and active noise cancellation, you’ll get many options at a lower price.