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PUBG Sued Apple and Google, also Filed Case on Garena Free Fire

Krafton, the company that developed the PUBG game, has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google. Apart from Google and Apple, Krafton has also filed a case against Garena, the company that developed Free Fire and Free Fire Max.
Free Fire and Free Fire Max copied the PUBG game and allowed their app to be published on Google Play Store and App Store. Krafton has also sued YouTube. Overall, the whole matter is related to copyright. Krafton has also said that YouTube has made the video of free fire gameplay live on its platform.
Krafton said in a statement that Free Fire and Free Fire Max has copied several features of the PUBG battlefield. The features copied by these two games include airdrop feature, game structure, and play, weapons, armor, unique objects, location, and texture besides colors.

Krafton has said that Garena has earned billions of rupees by copying its features. The company says Google and Apple have also made tremendous money in it. Krafton has also said that Garena launched a game in Singapore in 2017 that was copied to the PUBG game. This is not the first time that PUBG developers have sued a company. Krafton also sued Fortnite in 2018.

PUBG Mobile has been launched in India under the name Of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). BGMI has recently banned the accounts of more than 60,000 players in just a week. The game maker Krafton has reported this. The company has said that the decision has been taken on cheating in the game.

Krafton has also made public the names of accounts that were cheating in the game this time. The company has banned more than 1 lakh accounts between December 13-19. Between December 6 and 12, 1,42,000 players have been caught cheating in the game.

Krafton said in its blog that 58,611 accounts have been banned due to illegal activities. Action on these accounts has taken place between December 20-26. The company has said that there is no place for cheating and illegal activities in the game.