Tips for Improving Your Discord Experience


Discord has come a long way from its release in 2015 and since has become one of the staple messaging applications, even outside of its original target demographic for gaming communities. And with the integration of support for Discord bots, the possibilities for Discord server communities are seemingly endless. 

That being said, the program itself offers a lot of features and integrated app support, so here we’ll be taking a look at some of the lesser-known (but still quite useful) features of Discord that’ll help you navigate the app more efficiently, and for those looking to create communities themselves, these tips will increase your dexterity and capability in doing so to create the exact type of server you want. 

Server folders

Regardless of if you only plan on making and operating a server, one extremely helpful feature for anyone to help organize and manage all the servers you are already a part of is through the use of server folders. Truthfully, this feature has been around for Discord since around July of 2019, however, the addition of this capability went largely undetected by many that weren’t directly asking for it.

If you’re an avid user of Discord and find yourself annoyed with all the various servers you’ve entered (but don’t necessarily want to leave any of them), you can simply drag and hover it over another server that you deem related to, and it will automatically create a folder to place them both in. From there, you can even continue to personalize the folder itself by renaming it, changing the color of it, etc. to make each folder visually distinct and memorable. This potential vastly increases visual clarity when using the application, so it’s guaranteed to be worth investing some time into. 

Discord Keybinds and Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the easiest ways for someone to be identified as a true expert at using Discord is whether or not they use very many keyboard shortcuts that the app supports. Similar to what we’ve discussed about why using server folders is recommended, the use of keyboard shortcuts will vastly shorten the amount of time you need to navigate between all of the various interfaces in Discord, as those who are a part of multiple servers and channels within those will be able to bounce around the application much more efficiently.
We could go on listing them all, but for the sake of simplicity, it’s best to open up the Keybinds section in Discord’s settings, as there you will be able to get a comprehensive list of possible shortcuts and their resulting action. While the default keybinds may not necessarily be reprogrammable, Discord supports creating personalized, specific, custom keybinds that are particularly helpful for the unique individual who may want to simplify very specific actions they repeat when navigating their servers and channels. 

Discord Bots

A truly catch-all solution to Discord’s downfalls for a vast majority of users and server owners is the use of Discord bots. Discord bots have been around for only a couple of years now, but with the rapid success of it as a community-based application, there has consequently been a vast increase in third-party created bots that can perform a mind-boggling variety of actions within servers.

Some may be committed to adding community features such as ticket creation, polls, and even giveaways, while other Discord bots may add an entirely new entertainment factor to your server by creating minigames within the channels that users can engage with.

A large number of Discord bots also have features that foster more active communities, for example by creating reward systems for chatting regularly. Even a simple Google search will reveal some of the most widely used bots, among many other specialized ones that can cater to some very specific needs that you may have. 

Discord bot developers have even created their own communities specifically around their bot creations. Of course, this is obviously more geared towards server owners than users, but it may still be extremely helpful to look over some of the most popular Discord bots, as learning what features they have will better assist how you participate in servers that have them integrated. 

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