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Tvyaar: Watch Online Hindi Serials and Shows for Free


Ever wondered where can we enjoy some Hindi daily soap drama without the hassle of finding a somewhat decent source for that purpose? Worry not, as we’ve found a website that’s a permanent stop for all your Hindi daily soap cravings. TVyaar is a website that offers all available Hindi tv serials for viewers to watch or stream in the highest possible quality with minimal hassle. It has almost every available daily Hindi soap and offers the feature of streaming every popular Hindi serial that airs on all those popular daily soap channels in high definition quality. We’ll discuss more it in this article.

What is TVyaar?

TVyaar is basically a website that offers up all of the popular Hindi tv serials that are there to watch and even those which have completed airing on popular tv channels. It also has an android application. TVyaar offers a long list of evergreen and superhit Hindi tv serials ruling the daily soap category for ages now and one also has the option to download them in high quality. The website of TVyaar is one of the best in this field out there and they have a variety of content to offer as well. Since it has an android application besides having a website it can be accessed on the computer as well as on a phone which just makes it all more appealing. You can enjoy spicy Hindi tv serial drama while sitting, lying, or doing anything. That’s how good TVyaar is.

How to access TVyaar?

It’s fairly easy to access TVyaar on any device with enabled internet connectivity in it. All you need is a good stable internet connection and that’s it. You can access TVyaar website like any other website. You don’t need any extra methods or steps or redirecting links or anything. If you have the android it’s even easier. Just open the TVyaar website/app and watch whichever Hindi tv serial you want to watch. The TVyaar app is also available on the iOS platform. It is that simple to access and to enjoy. Just make sure you’ve enough internet if you’re on mobile data as the app streams all those Hindi tv serials in high quality which might use up quite a bit of mobile data. However, if you’re surfing on a broadband connection you’ve got nothing to worry about. All you need to do is to ensure that the connection is stable and sit back and enjoy.

Why TVyaar?

One might ask, why TVyaar when we have Hotstar and other streaming apps?

The answer is because none of the other websites/apps offer all the features which TVyaar does. A long list of versatile daily soaps in high definition for the best experience along with the availability on almost all platforms. Just one click on the app or the site URL and you can watch your favorite Hindi tv serial without any hassle or trouble. Moreover, you also get the features of downloading your favorite shows from TVyaar. What more could you ask for? With a simple to use yet beautiful UI that makes browsing the website or the app easier than you’d expect TVyaar is literally everything you need for getting your daily dose of spicy Hindi tv serial drama. It also does not ask for any login or registration when being accessed for the first time and doesn’t support piracy.

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Is TVyaar legal and safe to use?

The answer is No, it is not legal and it is safe to use and to stream Hindi tv serials on it. Since it is a copyright website, stealing shows/episodes from it is out of options. Also since it doesn’t require any registration or login methods to stream shows it ensures the safety of its users as well. All one needs is a stable internet connection. It doesn’t ask for any kind of personal data that might produce potential threats to the users’ personal info and is completely safe. It is purely a content driven service provider and is quite trusted as well.


Although there are certain alternatives to TVyaar, none of them come close to the number of features it offers, so there’s no need for them in the first place. They’re either using pirated contents or aren’t legal/safe to use. With all those features mentioned above that TVyaar offers to its users, it’d be a futile effort to find an alternative when there’s no need for them. TVyaar is definitely the only thing you need if we’re talking about enjoying spicy Hindi tv serial drama to the fullest. The application and the website both are fully safe to use and are lightweight as well. No other app or website out there today has what it takes to offer a better experience than TVyaar.

Disclaimer: Crunchoid does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Laws. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.