What else you can do with The Mac Clipboard?

It’s not that there aren’t any Mac errors, but sometimes they show up when you least expect them. One way to get around these no-moderation catches is to use one of two tricks of the trade: copy paste and clipboard mirroring. With copy-paste, you basically just type whatever you want to be copied into your clipboard and then let the copy event happen automatically. If something’s wrong with your copy, you can just undo whatever you were doing or press Control-Space to get rid of the text.

Clipboard mirroring works a bit differently. Instead of typing anything in the text box, you type the name of the window here, then copy and paste that text into your clipboard. Then, type a paste mode message above the copied text. The paste mode text will be invisible until you react to it with the mouse. Then you can type whatever you want into the text box and the text will be pasted into the window. Sometimes we get errors on Mac-like “Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed”.

To get around the “click to paste” feature of this feature, there are a couple of tricks. First, you can make sure that you click outside the box. Sometimes the box will appear and when you click outside of it, the word that was pasted will appear again, but this time it will be underneath your cursor. Clicking outside the box will allow the text to be pasted, even if it isn’t underneath your cursor.

The second trick is a little more time-consuming. In order to do this, you need to open another Photoshop window and then start typing. Keep typing until you get to the end of the file, then click the button on your mouse for paste. After the text has been pasted, go back in the Photoshop window and click your mouse to erase the text. That’s it!

That’s it. You have removed the text that was pasted on to your computer. If you want to undo the action, all you have to do is click your mouse and then click to undo. This is useful because you don’t always want to remove text that someone else has pasted. If you accidentally clicked the back button instead of the click button, you can easily undo by clicking your mouse over the eraser and then clicking the back button.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do to manipulate your pictures with the clipboard. There are many other cool tricks that you can try, but I found that this one worked for me. If you want to learn more tricks like this, check out my Photoshop tutorial series.

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