What is End To End Encryption, Know Full Details

End To End Encryption

End To End Encryption is designed to keep user data secure and you get this feature in some secure applications, so let’s now know in detail what end-to-end encryption is.

End to End Encryption is a process in which you send any message to someone that goes to an Encrypted coded form of video, or audio, or text, which only those who have sent that message to you can read. Apart from this, no one can read this message.

The first End To End Encryption feature was in the App created by Signal Protocol in 2013, where the features of Video Calling, Voice Calling, and Messaging, and then a lot of companies started using it||

SMS sent through End To End Encryption cannot be crack cybercriminals or even any of the biggest hackers, and that’s why the government is screwing up with a lot of companies, so let’s now know how end-to-end encryption works.

How Does End To End Encryption Work?

So now you’ve known about End To End Encryption, so now I’ll tell you how it works?

End To End Encryption works in a way that it generates two Key when you send an SMS to someone through an App that provides the end to end encryption feature|

  1. Public Key
  2. Private Key

End to End encryption:

Public Key’s job is that if you send an SMS, it encrypts that SMS from your mobile and converts it to the code’s from, then the code will go to your Application Server, then the code will go to the SMS that you sent and the SMS receiver has a private key through which it decrypts the code and makes real SMS, similarly to Video Call and Voice Call If you still do not understand anything, you understand an example below.


Let’s take an example if you’re A and you send a message to a B, whether it’s a message Photo or Text, it’ll become a code, and B has the code you’ve sent a message.

And each subsequent message will have a code and the message you sent can convert the code, and if someone else is going to hack it, it will only see the code.

Advantages of End To End Encryption

  • It keeps your Data 100% secure with Data Encryption.
  • No hacker can hack the SMS sent through it.
  • End To End Encryption is very secure for someone if you need to send bank related information.
  • If you do a Video Call or Voice Call with someone, end-to-end encryption is very secure.

Disadvantages of End To End Encryption

  • A lot of people take advantage of this to do illegal work
  • Most fraud people use End To Encryption End like WhatsApp that no one knows to hold
  • You don’t get Online Backup in apps with end-to-end encryption, yet apps in this way keep SMS and Files backup in your mobile every day or every week, except you don’t get any Backup online End To End encryption said to be used

Most end-to-end encryption is used online to talk to someone or send some private data or you know that both my Video Call or Voice Call is 100% Secure, where pay and end encryption is used.

End To End Encryption Apps

All apps below are very secure and all of you get the end to end encryption fixer

  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • Telegram
  • Signal – Private Messenger
  • Dust
  • Threema
  • Wickr – Secure Messenger
  • Cyphr
  • Pryvate Now

In addition to the names of some apps, you get end-to-end encryption in many other apps.

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