These days you’ll be hearing the name of the Parler app. But at the same time, you must have been questioning why this app has become a trending topic these days. The same app is being blamed for miscreants who entered the US parliament last week. Let us explain what this app is and why it has become disputed.

Twitter’s Alternative app is Parler

In fact, like Twitter, Parler is also a social media app called Twitter Alternative. This platform calls itself the Premier Free Speech Platform. You may have noticed that people’s accounts are suspended or completely banned on Twitter. But this app claims that you have the freedom to speak and express yourself fully on this platform and that no one will be ‘De-Platformed’. That means no user will be suspended from any account written.

Solved: Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed

The app is not very popular in India, but its popularity is very high in Europe and the US. The app was launched in September 2018. As of January 2021, the app has a total of 15 million users. Now the question arises, why is this app gathering headlines nowadays?

Why Parler is in headlines

Parler App is the target of all after the U.S. Capitol Hill Siege case on January 6, 2021. Apple, Google, and now Amazon have also suspended the app after capitol hill violence. This means that the app will no longer be available for download on Apple and the Google Play Store. The people involved in the violence used most of this app. Apple has written a letter to the developers of the Parler app, which has been featured in The New York Times, stating that the Parler has not maintained its commitment to moderate and remove harmful or dangerous content that encourages violence and illegal activity, and is against the App Store Review Guidelines. Amazon and Google have also given a similar reason when banning it.

Amazon has suspended the app from its Web-hosting Service, called Amazon Web Services. Web hosting services are a mechanism that allows companies to provide a space to the website where companies store their data and other information. The Parler app will remain offline until it receives another Web-hosting Service.