Scarlett Johansson was born in Finland and grew up in London. She has always said that she has very little memory of her childhood, other than her love of animals. She then went on to play the lead role in the cult movie The Hunt for Red October but followed it up with roles in minor films like A Matter of Life and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which did not quite earn her the attention she deserved at the time.

However, with the critical acclaim that came with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the film won four Academy Awards and became one of the most successful films of all-time. This lead to more work for the then twenty-five-year-old Johansson, who went on to star in the Harry Potter series, as well as appearing in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Her work as an actor has made her one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood today, with people ranging from United Kingdom fans to those in the United States following her lead. Her appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise earned her three Oscar nominations, including Best Actress in a Leading Role category. She is also a part of the 50 most popular women on the internet.

What separates Johansson’s work from others in Hollywood? In an interview with Time magazine, she was asked what her favorite profession was, and she answered, “I hate paperwork. I like to get my work done when I am not busy.” This, of course, does not mean that all her work is quiet, or boring work. Her career, including her role in The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, proves that the woman is not afraid to be themselves, as many actors in Hollywood would often be.

From working on a children’s show to playing the lead character in a blockbuster movie, the most striking thing about Johansson’s career is the longevity. Though she is now past the age of thirty, people continue to watch her, and her roles continue to be successful, even after all these years. Some of her most beloved roles include the head of the International Monetary Fund in Finding Nemo, and her appearances in the award-winning Lucy.

What does it mean to be an actor? According to Johansson’s bio, her favorite saying is, “I don’t do acting for money. I do it because I love to perform. I love to play people with real lives, who have real problems, and that is why I enjoy being an actor so much.”

From her long and varied career, we can conclude that personality is what makes a great actor. Her charm, beauty, charisma, and ability to play various characters are all part of what makes her an excellent actress. When looking at Hollywood icons, it is important to understand that not every one of them was perfect, and no one is perfect. It is more important to recognize the character type you want to play, and find out what it takes to bring that character to life on screen. Through careful research, anyone can find a role that will match their personal characteristics and give them satisfaction while doing so.