French company ZOOOK has launched its new gaming mouse in the Indian market. ZOOOK has introduced two gaming mouse named Terminator and Bomber. A few days ago, the company introduced gaming headphones.


This gaming mouse of juke is a wireless mouse that can also be recharged. It has seven buttons so that gamers have full control over the game. It also has seven different LED backlights. It also has a button to on-off. It has a lithium battery of 600mAh which can be charged through a USB port. It has an auto sleeping feature, i.e., when not used for 10 minutes, the mouse goes into sleep mode. The body abs of this mouse are plastic. It has a leather collar and rubber finish. The price is Rs. 2,995.


ZOOOK Bomber is a gaming mouse with a USB wire. Six buttons have been given. Its polling rate is 500Hz. It also has a thumb function. It has been given an RGB LED light of 4 colors. Its body is also ABS plastic with a leather collar and rubber finish. ZOOOK Bomber is priced at Rs 1,499.

Last year, the company launched its 10 new headphones in the Indian gaming market, namely Stealth, Rambo, Stallone, Bravo, Sniper, Communicate, Killer, Killer Gold, GamerZ1, and Rifle respectively. The prices of these headphones range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000. These are all professional headphones. Their design is premium and launch lasting build quality.

Talking about the features of zoook’s gaming headphones, they have professional surround sound quality with a new cancellation. The company claims that with these headphones you will actually experience the battlefield. They weigh only one pound. Taking care of long-term users, the company has given soft earpads in these headphones.

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